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ITEM/アイテム KIDDYLANDは、常に時代を敏感にキャッチした楽しく夢のある商品をお届けします。

キデイランド ~ニュース(英語版)~

Dear customers,


Notice concerning the reconstruction of Kiddyland Harajuku!!
~Kiddyland Harajuku will be renewed by the summer of 2012(scheduled)~
Kiddyland Harajuku will temporarily close due to construction work.


 Kiddyland Harajuku first opened its doors in November of 1950, and since been a landmark of Harajuku/Omotesando and has been patronized by many customers.
 Kiddyland Harajuku has constantly been providing the latest trends to its customers by becoming an information center. The renewal will increase the functionality of the store and will contribute to even more customer satisfaction.


From this reconstruction, Kiddyland Harajuku will aim at becoming a more appealing store that will impress the customers that visit.
We wish you look forward to the new Kiddyland Harajuku that will be reinforced.

Illustration of new building=This is only an image, it may differ from the actual building.
*Business at the current store will end at the end of August, 2010. Construction will begin and the grand opening is planned to be during the summer of 2012.
*Substitution store during the construction period is still under consideration. We will inform you as soon as the solution is decided.
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