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Hello "Punk" Kitty

Here is a new look for a popular kitty: Hello Kitty stuffed animal with punk fashion. Very popular among young people in the hip fashion district of Harajuku, Hello gPunkh Kitty is just about the most unexpected character to ever be seen in a mosh pit! Only Hello Kitty could be such a cute punk. She has a charming heart-shaped eye patch complete with a bow. Adorned with rocker jewelry and accessories for that authentic punk look, she also wears an ironic necktie just like the trendy kids and even has big leather-style boots.

Hello Kitty is loved all over the world. Kids of all ages will be singing with delight when they see her at KIDDY LAND.

3,150 yen (tax included)


Fashion Jenny

Jenny is a high school student who loves fashion. She loves to dress up in all kinds of different styles and looks pretty in everything. Here she comes with an authentic Japanese high school uniform that includes a classic plaid skirt, long white socks and black shoes that girls often wear in Japan. Jenny is a modern high school student, so she also comes with a stylish mobile phone as well as a big blue shoulder bag, and more!

Jenny is now celebrating 20 years in Japan! You can wish her happy birthday at KIDDY LAND.

1,680 yen (tax included)

© TAKARA CO.,LTD. 2000

Fashion Jenny - Kimono dress

Though Jenny lives in the modern world and includes a mobile phone among her accessories, she also has a deep appreciation for traditional Japanese culture and fashion. The Fashion Jenny doll becomes a beautiful Japanese princess when she wears her KIMONO. This pretty KIMONO design is inspired by traditional Japanese patterns and is not only fun to play dress up with but is also enlightening for young and old alike. Girls can learn about traditional Japanese dress and a fun experience for all is in store.

1,680 yen (tax included)

© TAKARA CO.,LTD. 2000

Tomica Hyper Rescue team

This powerful rescue team is ready for any disaster or emergency. Boys and girls alike can feel like heroes and have fun playing with this 4-piece set. This set includes the TOYOTA high ace control car, a rescue operation automobile (with projector and crane), a fire engine and a fire truck with hook and ladder. These toy trucks are painted red, just like Japanese fire vehicles, and, adding to the authenticity, come with striking white Japanese characters painted on the side. This set will provide hours of fun and fantasy play. Great for curious minds and imaginations.

1,575 yen (tax included)

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Various Japanese Stickers

Now you can have traditional Japanese imagery on stickers! Decorate your schedule books, letters, notes and greeting cards. The possibilities are endless when you express your creativity with these fun and attractive stickers. KIDDY LAND has a sticker for everybodyfs tastes.

105 yen and up (tax included)